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Kingdom Education

A Christ-centered world view


HCA has adopted the idea of being a Kingdom Education school. This idea, developed by Glen Schulz, is dedicated to uniting the home, church and school through a biblical philosophy of education for the purpose of educating future generations to think and act from a biblical worldview. HCA believes Kingdom Education helps promote the importance of the parents and guardians and the school cooperating to help students develop Character, demonstrate Competence, and discover their Calling.

“Education is the study of God and His Creation, through which He reveals His nature to the learner so that he can know Him and glorify Him.” – Glen Schultz

Kingdom Education Ministries Mission Statement:

Capturing the Next Generation for Christ through Kingdom Education

Core Values

Kingdom Education Ministries will accomplish its mission by respecting the following core values:

Kingdom Education’s message is that parents and educators must link arms with the local church to provide a strong foundation for every boy and girl. As a 24-hour-a-day process, providing this foundation places vital importance and responsibility on the school. HCA continues to train its faculty in understanding their role in Kingdom Education. Therefore, developing a Christ-centered worldview helps HCA educate young people according to biblical standards.

Kingdom education asks schools to answer these questions, from God’s perspective:

  1. Is my school more concerned about knowledge (academic facts) than wisdom (knowing God’s ways)?
  2. Is my school more concerned with developing technical competencies than developing godly character?
  3. Does my school plan more than it prays?
  4. Does my school emphasize school rules more than scriptural principles?
  5. Is my school curriculum-centered rather than teacher-centered?

Additional Information

For more on Kingdom Education, please refer to http://kingdomeducation.org, the Association of Christian Schools International or Kingdom Education, by Glen Shultz.