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Biblical Integration

Bringing God's Word into all we do

Biblical Integration

HCA’s mission to “provide a Christ-centered, educational environment that equips students to develop Character, demonstrate Competence, and discover their Calling” relies heavily on the dedication to Biblical Integration. This strategy involves developing a Biblical foundation to grow upon as students continue on their academic journey.

Using biblical integration to help students establish this foundation includes the following:

    • Referencing the Bible in all subjects & using biblical analogies and examples
    • Teaching students how to use the Bible as a guide for life
    • Encouraging students to use biblical knowledge to think critically about ideas & theories

In the Classroom

Through in-service training, biblical integration is emphasized as a discipleship tool. Teachers are expected to not only share biblical truths throughout their lessons, but also share their faith and experiences from living a Christian life. In addition, our textbooks are written from a biblical perspective and foster the development of a Christian worldview. An important aspect of teaching and learning through a Christian worldview includes the implementation of Discipleship Themes for each individual grade. To learn more about our Discipleship Themes, click here!

Visit our Academics page to learn more!

On the Field

HCA Athletics focus on preparing athletes to be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong. A dedication to team prayers and devotions help our athletes compete in a Christ-like manner in all activities. This allows our athletics culture to promote positivity, team-building, good sportsmanship, and respect to teammates and competitors.

Visit our Athletics page to learn more!

Throughout the Week

Chapel services provide great opportunities to disciple students and instill Christian character and values as our faculty, coaches, guests, alumni, and students share sermons or devotions about having a relationship with Christ. HCA hosts separate chapels each week for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. This strategy allows students to experience age-appropriate and developmentally friendly messages and activities. Also, Middle School and High School chapels include small groups where students learn from each other’s knowledge, experience, and opinions.

Visit our Spiritual Emphasis page to learn more!

As a Community

HCA students participate in community service opportunities throughout the year. This intentional effort to show gratitude to our community stems from biblical values that we implement across our student body. The school culture has also developed from these values and continues to support an inclusive, respectful, and Christ-centered environment. These characteristics occur because of some unique initiatives…

These annual events and groups help our school community grow stronger each year.

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