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College Prep

To further demonstrate competence and discover their calling

College Prep

HCA’s mission statement includes our desire for students to “demonstrate Competence and discover their Calling.” In High School, this goal is achieved by maintaining a college preparatory mindset. We want every student to develop foundational learning habits that will prepare them for success in higher education.

    • 2018 Graduates were accepted into 28 different schools across the nation.
    • 2018 Graduates received $1,193,614 in scholarship offers.
    • A 2018 Graduate was accepted into the US Air Force Academy.

Each year, our graduates pursue a variety of collegiate opportunities in academics, athletics, arts, ministry, and more.

Classroom Strategies

We prepare students for college by providing rigorous academic courses that allow all learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, the opportunity for success. Our curriculum is integrated with technology that develops the skills needed for success on technology-rich college and work environments. Such technologies include…

    • Learning Management System
    • iPads
    • Online Textbooks
    • Online Research Library & Database

Also, students learn how to utilize email, presentation software, educational apps, and a variety of online tools and resources.

College Credit

We offer instructor led dual credit college courses during Senior year in several subjects:

    • Math
    • History
    • English

We also offer numerous online dual credit and AP courses that apply to the high school transcript. These courses may be available to accelerated learners in their Junior year.

Collegiate Athletics

Athletic scholarships in college create more opportunities for students to advance their education. Our Athletic Department is dedicated to providing the tools, resources and communication necessary to give our student-athletes the chance to continue their academic and athletic careers.

HCA student-athlete graduates have participated in several different collegiate sports:

    • Football
    • Basketball
    • Cheer
    • Baseball
    • Golf
    • Track & Field
    • Softball
    • Dance
    • Powerlifting

Go here for more information on HCA Athletics or College Recruiting,

or, Email: directly

Call: 817-485-1660 x 118