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Developing a foundation for life

Elementary School Academics

Our mission to provide “a Christ-centered, educational environment that equips students to develop Character, demonstrate Competence and discover their Calling” guides HCA’s Elementary instructional program.

HCA offers accredited academics that recognize our students’ diverse learning styles, educational levels, and personal interests.

We aspire for each Elementary student to…

  • Engage their minds in the learning process
  • Develop a Biblical foundation for learning
  • Apply their knowledge learning skills through each grade level


Our instruction focuses on strategies that engage students in the learning process and promote higher-level thinking while meeting individual learning needs.

To continually increase effective learning, teachers are trained to utilize these 3 strategic tools:

    • Differentiated Learning Techniques
    • Thinking Maps
    • Technology Integration

Elementary students learn the core subjects in self-contained classrooms, and they learn additional subjects from specialist teachers in different classrooms.

Specialist classes include…

    • Art
    • Technology
    • Music
    • Spanish
    • Physical Education
    • Library

We teach students how to filter each subject through ‘Discipleship Themes’ and Scripture to form the foundation of a Biblical worldview.


Elementary school classrooms are equipped with exciting technology to encourage interactive learning while providing an abundance of educational resources.

Technology includes…

    • Technology Lab
    • Mobile iPad Cart
    • Digital Projectors
    • Interactive Whiteboards
    • Document Cameras

Students learn to use technology that enhances learning and creates a foundation of valuable skills for effective academic progress.


HCA implements a quality curriculum that is standards-based, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate. Our curriculum is diligently reviewed each year to find the most effective strategy that helps our students achieve personal and academic success.

The curriculum also aligns with Texas educational requirements.

The ‘Daily 5’ is a series of literacy tasks students complete each day while their teacher meets with small groups and individual students.

    1. Read to Self
    2. Work on Writing
    3. Read to Someone
    4. Listen to Reading
    5. Word Work

This approach helps students develop habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will encourage them to be lifelong independent learners.


Classroom assessments check for an understanding of stated objectives at each grade level. HCA utilizes both formal and informal evaluations to assess student achievement.

We administer standardized tests yearly to monitor student learning over time.

Additional Resources

HCA offers the Learning Enrichment Program to our students for an additional cost.

Click Here to discover more about this opportunity!

Contact Us

For more information about Elementary Academics at HCA, please contact us.