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Our mission to provide “a Christ-centered, educational environment that equips students to develop character, demonstrate competence and discover their calling” guides HCA’s Elementary instructional program.

HCA implements a quality curriculum that is standards-based, rigorous, developmentally appropriate and relevant to the learning needs of our students and is aligned with Texas educational requirements. Utilizing both formal and informal evaluations to assess student achievement, classroom assessments check for understanding of stated objectives at each grade level. Standardized tests are administered yearly to monitor student learning over time.

The curriculum focuses on teaching through discipleship themes and understanding God’s world from a Biblical worldview perspective. We teach students to filter all subjects through the lens of scripture so they will understand each lesson from a Christian perspective. Our instruction focuses on the response of the students with the goal of ensuring that students are engaged in learning while meeting the variety of learning needs.

Elementary classes are taught in self-contained classrooms for core subjects. Specialist teachers provide instruction in areas such as Spanish, art, music, physical education, library, and technology. HCA’s elementary curriculum recognizes the diversity of learning styles, educational levels, and personal interests of our students. Instruction focuses on strategies that engage students in the learning process and higher level thinking. Teachers are trained in differentiated learning techniques, thinking maps and technology integration.

Classrooms are equipped with leading edge technology including digital projectors, document cameras, and interactive white boards. A technology lab and mobile iPad cart are used to further provide each student an opportunity to be an interactive and engaged participant in learning through technology.

HCA provides the Learning Enrichment Program to our families for an additional cost. Believing that God created each child uniquely, HCA staff and support services collaborate to ensure that every child has a chance to succeed and reach their full potential for which they were created. Two programs are available:

  • The HCA Gifted and Talented Program provides an environment for students who exhibit traits and signs of giftedness. It is a time and place to have their social, emotional, and academic needs better met.
  • For students that need additional academic support, we offer classroom accommodations for students with either a diagnosed learning disability, students with ADD or ADHD, and math and reading recovery support.

The HCA curriculum has been aligned with Texas educational requirements. HCA utilizes both formal and informal evaluations to assess student achievement. Classroom assessments check for understanding of stated objectives at each grade level. Standardized tests are administered yearly to monitor student learning over time.

The Daily 5 is a series of literacy tasks students complete daily while the teacher meets with small groups or confers with individual students. The purpose of this approach is to help students develop habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will help them to become independent lifelong learners. The five components of the program include read to self, work on writing, read to someone, listen to reading and word work.

Accelerated Reader engages students in reading practice with authentic books and strengthens skills essential for learning in any subject by practicing with comprehension quizzes and reading activities. Teachers have access to student performance reporting allowing for targeted instruction to take place in the classroom. The Shurley English program is currently being used to teach abstract language arts concepts clearly and logically by utilizing concrete, multisensory strategies that support all types of learners. Students memorize jingles to learn parts of speech, recite question and answer flows to classify sentences, rehearse the most common conventions of English and receive skill instruction and practice to ensure mastery.