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Middle School

Students in sixth to eight grades move between classes to various department disciplines. Along with the core curriculum, students also have foreign language instruction as well as fine arts.

The Middle School curriculum focuses on teaching through discipleship themes and understanding God’s world from a Biblical worldview perspective. We teach students to filter all subjects through the lens of scripture so they will understand each lesson from a Christian perspective. Our instruction focuses on the response of the students with the goal of ensuring that students are engaged in learning while meeting the variety of learning needs. Standardized tests are administered yearly to monitor student learning over time.

Students learn in different ways. With the use of differentiated learning techniques, HCA engages students regardless of whether they are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner. The use of technology to improve learning outcomes through the use of an iPad cart that is used daily is one example of differentiated learning techniques. Learning apps are used to help reinforce classroom instruction and engage students in new ways. The use of project based learning, thinking maps, in-house competitions for math, spelling, and creative writing, and many others, further help students learn through multiple mechanisms.

Implementing “a Christ-centered, educational environment that equips students to develop character, demonstrate competence and discover their calling” for middle school students is our goal and the key to continuing to develop students academically and spiritually.