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High School

Implementing “a Christ-centered, educational environment that equips students to develop character, demonstrate competence and discover their calling” for high school students is our goal and the key to continuing to develop students academically and spiritually.

HCA implements a quality curriculum that is standards-based, rigorous, developmentally appropriate and relevant to the learning needs of our students and aligned with Texas educational requirements as well as College Board standards. Utilizing both formal and informal evaluations to assess student achievement, classroom assessments check for understanding of stated objectives at each grade level. Standardized tests are administered yearly to monitor student learning over time.

The curriculum focuses on teaching through discipleship themes and understanding God’s world from a Biblical worldview perspective. We teach students to filter all subjects through the lens of scripture so they will understand each lesson from a Christian perspective. Our instruction focuses on the response of the students with the goal of ensuring that students are engaged in learning while meeting the variety of learning needs.

Our goal at HCA is to increase student achievement through a technology-rich environment, giving each student an opportunity to be an interactive and engaged participant in learning, equipping students for success in a technology driven society. We help them to use spiritual discernment to remain faithful and consecrated to God as an online digital citizen. Classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and document cameras. Starting in 9th grade, students use a student owned iPad for electronic textbooks, restricted and monitored Internet access and in the classroom, a Learning Management System to manage and submit schoolwork. We implement a plagiarism checker to help students learn to author original work. Students have access to an online research library with tools to properly cite research material. In all we do, we teach students how technology can be used to further the Kingdom of God, how to use technology to further their understanding of God and His creations and how to use spiritual discernment when using technology in their day to day actions.

High School students have a rigorous course of study, which includes 4 years of English, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Bible. In addition, these students take 2 years of foreign language, 2 years of physical education, 1 year of fine arts, and ½ year of speech.

HCA offers different graduation tracks including a General Diploma, Honors Diploma, and Distinguished Honors Diploma program. In addition, Honors, Dual Credit and Advanced Placement courses are offered in certain disciplines. Seniors can take up to 18 hours of college credit through the on campus Dual Credit Program. HCA students are also eligible to participate in National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society.

For students that need additional academic support, we offer classes in conjunction with Texas Success Academy, classroom accommodations for students with a diagnosed learning disability, and math and reading recovery support.