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Steps to Apply

To apply online for Kindergarten through High School, please follow the process below.

Please call 817-485-1660 or

email: info@hcasaints.org for more information.

Click on the Step Image below, to go to each Step

Time Commitment:
30 minutes to an hour

What to Expect: A better understanding of what HCA can offer to your student as well as what we believe, what we do in response to our beliefs, and how this aligns with your family’s belief system.

Time Commitment:
1 hour or more depending on your schedule

What to Expect: This will provide an opportunity for you to see the campus and get a glimpse into the school experience awaiting your student.

Time Commitment:
A few hours to a full school day

What to Expect: This will allow your student to gain a better understanding on what HCA is like, meet some of the students in their grade level, meet the teachers, and experience HCA.

Time Commitment: 30 minutes to an hour

What to Expect: The online application will require a $150 application fee. Administration will review the application once submitted and set up a meeting to discuss potential enrollment. Part of the online application includes a list of documentation required for admission including immunization records, report cards and transcripts from previous schools, recommendation letters from previous schools and a pastor or spiritual leader for the family as well as a medical physical for any student participating in athletics.

Time Commitment: 1 to 2 hours

What to Expect: You will meet with our staff, including our headmaster, to determine whether HCA is a good fit for your family. An Administrator will review the Parent-Student handbook with you as well as discuss any additional needs such as who can pick up your child, and verify all necessary paperwork has been submitted. Your student will need to attend and depending on grade level, may be tested, fill out a questionnaire or write an essay.

Time Commitment: Once admitted, prepare to spend some time before the first day of school to purchase uniforms, pick up a supply list, or, for high school, set up an iPad.

What to Expect: Students will be assigned a buddy for the first few days of school to help them acclimate. They will be included in the house system to participate with other students in service projects and motivational programs. Parents will monitor student progress through FACTS Student Information System.