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Discipleship Themes

What makes a discipleship focused school different from other private schools? It is not simply praying before class or extra-curricular activities. It isn’t just requiring student chapel each week. It is a school where…

  • All truth is examined in the light of God’s truth
  • Discipleship themes act as the very foundation for daily curriculum
  • Students learn to see their relationship with the Lord as the core of who they are as a person
  • Relationships are examined and sustained through the truth of God’s Word

In partnership with parents and the church, HCA strives to nurture the next generation in spiritual growth so that they will enter adulthood academically and spiritually prepared to pursue his/her God-given passion. To that end, students are immersed in academic curriculum that is completely biblically integrated.

Beginning in Kindergarten, all classes are integrated with discipleship themes and questions that build upon each other as the student progresses in his learning.

By the end of a their senior year, students will have wrestled with topics and questions that both challenge their faith and help them grow in character. The discipleship themes and questions begin with simple thoughts for lower elementary and progress with more complicated topics that require more critical thinking.

Discipleship themes:

Kindergarten: God Is the Creator
First Grade: The Fruit of the Spirit
Second Grade: The Importance of Going to Church
Third Grade: God’s Holy Word
Fourth Grade: Faith, Belief, and Trust
Fifth Grade: Sin and Forgiveness
Sixth Grade: Sharing the Good News
Seventh Grade: Conflict and Change: Dealing with Adversity
Eighth Grade: Moral Beliefs and Values
Ninth Grade: Decision-Making and Its Consequences
Tenth Grade: Earthly Kingdom and Heavenly Kingdom
Eleventh Grade: Understanding the Times
Twelfth Grade: Goals, Determination, and Perseverance (Preparing for the Future)