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Saints Shields

Harvest Christian Academy is a Christ-centered, educational environment that equips students to develop character, demonstrate competence, and discover their calling. In our efforts to accomplish those ends, we have adopted a version of the house system for our sixth through twelfth grade students. There are many benefits to having a house system. The HCA house system, called the Army of God, is divided into shields rather than houses and is designed with several goals in mind. The Army of God system encourages and simplifies the assimilation of new students into the culture of Harvest Christian Academy. Shields facilitate the passing on of our school culture to these students. Shields also make it easier for new students to develop friendships based on a common interest.

Shields expand the boundaries of fellowship across all grade lines. Students in grades six through twelve are brought together in competition, service, academics and work, enabling them to develop their character, increase their competence and discover their calling while growing in fellowship with one another and holding one another accountable in their walk with God. As younger students often admire older students, the opportunities for leadership and discipleship are also greatly increased.

Shields create an atmosphere conducive to positive role models and peer pressure. As shields compete for Shield of the Quarter and ultimately for Shield of the Year, the students are motivated to encourage one another to follow the rules, study hard, and seek out opportunities for service. As students incorporate the school rules into their lives, teachers are able to focus less on discipline and more on academics.