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Student Life

Student Life

Student Life at HCA is designed to be intentionally Christian. All that we do must exemplify God’s desire for our lives as defined in his Holy Word. HCA provides numerous ways for student to further engage inside and outside the classroom. All students participate in Spiritual Emphasis weeks, our yearly fundraiser, the Saints Race, and every Christmas secondary students give a gift to an elementary student to build relationships between the students. All students participate in the house system called the Army of God, which are represented by the Shields.

Students at different levels participate in the following:

Early Education

Early Education has numerous projects throughout the year, including our Farm Days carnival, pajama day, western day and several others. We also have Spike and Stripes, our resident reptiles, for students to visit.

Elementary Student Life

Elementary students have many opportunities to participate in fun and inspirational activities. These include:

• ACSI competitions in Spelling, Creative Writing, Math, Art and Speech

• Gifted and Talented participation in Destination Imagination

• Numerous field trips that include a 4th grade trip to Austin and San Antonio for Texas History (Removed 6th grade reference)

• Individual classes participate in special learning events, for example:

o Kindergarten classes participate in activities to learn about different countries such as an English Tea Party, a fun Spanish piñata day, an Italian Bistro and a Kindergarten bakery

o 4th grade has Immigration day when students assume the identity of an immigrant and go through the immigration process at Ellis Island

o 2nd grade creates pumpkins that represent their favorite character from a book

o 3rd grade creates salt maps of a specific state and provide information about the state

o 3rd - 5th grades participate in the ACSI Science Fair

o Pre K5 through 5th grade participate in the Christmas musical each year

o Elementary students join in Pep Rallies and some special events during half time of athletic competitions

Middle School Student Life

Student life of Middle School Students include:

• School sponsored clubs such as National Junior Honor Society and ACSI competitions

• Participation in gifted and talented programs

• Participation in field trips for service and team building

• Participation in Fine Arts productions such as the Christmas musical and spring musical

• Participation in classes for technology, music, and art

• 8th graders can attend the end of the year trip to Washington, DC to learn more about our nation’s founding and form of government

• Use of an iPad cart to prepare them for high school and to learn the appropriate use of technology

High School Student Life

Student life of Secondary Students include:

• School sponsored clubs such as National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society, robotics club and ACSI competitions

• Fine Arts events such as Improv and the spring musical

• Elective classes offered are yearbook, staff/teachers aide, art, law, journalism, speech and leadership

• Science classes meet in the lab for experiments and dissections

• Local, stateside and international mission trips

• Saints Crew

• Student led Bible studies and chapels

• Seniors participate in lunches throughout the year as a bonding time for them

• Extra-curricular events such as Prom, Homecoming, Homecoming Banquet, Athletic Awards, and Academic Awards

• Use of a personally owned iPad to learn how to use technology used in higher institutions for learning and the appropriate use of technology for their spiritual growth

Students are encouraged to create opportunities to serve. Many of the student-led activities at HCA were suggested and led by students. Some have stuck around and become HCA tradition.