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Community Shields

HCA is community

HCA first adopted a ‘House System’ before the 2017-2018 school year. There are many benefits to having a house system. Students in all grades are brought together in competition, service, academics and work enabling them to develop their character, increase their competence and discover their calling while growing in fellowship with one another.

The HCA house system, called the Army of God, is divided into Shields rather than houses. Every individual student at HCA belongs to a Shield! The Army of God Shield System mission and goals include…

    • Encouraging & simplifying the assimilation of new students into HCA
    • Promoting the culture of HCA to new students
    • Developing friendships based on a common interest & goal
    • Expanding the boundaries of fellowship between all grade levels
    • Establishing academic, physical, & spiritual accountability amongst peers
    • Engaging students in the act of community service
    • Fostering an inclusive school community for all students to know they belong at HCA

As younger students often admire older students, each Elementary School class is paired with a Shield. This leads to opportunities for leadership and discipleship as the Middle School & High School students work with these younger students. It also shows students in Elementary School what it means to be academically, physically, & spiritually mature.

Shields create an atmosphere conducive to positive role models and peer pressure. As students incorporate the school rules into their lives, teachers are able to focus less on discipline and more on academics. As shields compete for ‘Shield of the Quarter’ and ultimately ‘Shield of the Year,’ the students are motivated to encourage one another in the following ways…

    • Study Hard
    • Follow the Rules
    • Seek Opportunities for Service

Saints Shields create an inclusive, accountable, and positive school culture!

Additional Information

For more information regarding HCA or the Saints Shield system, please call or email us!

Call: 817-485-1660

Email: info@hcasaints.org