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Using technology wisely - it's all about balance

Mission Statement

At HCA, we use technology to improve learning outcomes, support differentiated learning mechanisms, enable project-based learning and prepare students for college by using similar technologies used at the collegiate level. Our goal is to prepare students with the necessary life skills to thrive in a technology driven world as well as learn how to be an accountable, responsible, digital citizen when using technology, on and off campus.

Technologies Used at HCA

    • Elementary students have access to Classroom iPads, an iPad cart, and a weekly technology class in the HCA Technology Lab. Students use the iPads in the classroom and on the cart for an online literacy program as well as math fluency apps, learning games, and other available education apps
    • Middle School students have access to an iPad Cart, school issued email, an online research library, access to educational apps for various disciplines and a quarterly technology class in the HCA Technology Lab for Middle School
    • High School students use a personally owned iPad leveraging Moodle learning management system (LMS), online applications and resources, the online research library, online vocabulary skills building with Sadlier Connect and Christian worldview based eTextbooks
    • The Technology Lab consists of 24 MacBooks with the latest software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, movie making, and graphic design
    • The online research library is provided by Gale-Cengage that also provides online libraries for many of the major colleges. Students have access to vetted books, articles, and papers that allow them to safely research primary and secondary scholarly content.
    • All classrooms are outfitted with video projectors and document cameras. Teachers also have interactive white boards available.

Student Protection

At HCA, protecting our students while they are on campus and teaching them how to use technology responsibly is critical. We have implemented a highly protective Internet accessible WiFi network, which has significant restrictions to non-educational content and is actively monitored. Through networking tools, HCA Technology can monitor what network traffic a specific device is accessing. The goal is to ensure that students are staying on task and being held accountable for their actions. Apple Classroom is also used by the teachers for monitoring student devices while in use in the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to implement Internet restrictions at home and monitor their students while using technology. HCA Technology has provided tips on how parents can protect technology at home on the myHCA portion of our website at www.hcasaints.org. In addition, we welcome any requests for advice or guidance. Please email us at technology@hcasaints.org.

Why Does HCA Invest So Heavily in Technology?

Technology is inescapable. It permeates all that we do as adults and is heavily used in the college realm. At HCA, we use technology to prepare students for life post HCA and to improve learning outcomes by using differentiated learning methods and allowing students the ability to work on different tracks based on learning styles and aptitudes. Technology provides the ability to level the playing field for many students, all of whom are digital natives having grown up with technology. We do not use technology as the teacher, but as a tool. The technology will never replace the value added by a teacher mentoring and working one on one with students; but it will allow a teacher to teach students with different aptitudes in the same classroom and can provide a more personal learning instruction. With the vast number of learning apps available as well as numerous teacher resources available online, we will continue to leverage and improve technology in the classroom to help each student be successful.

It is also important that students understand how to use technology appropriately so they can learn how to be Christ-like as a digital citizen and avoid some of the pitfalls that can have a significant impact on the life of student through social media and other online entrapments. We continually remind students to use technology wisely, ethically, and morally. Students may be warned or face disciplinary action for misuse, but we do so to help them build character and learn self-discipline when using the vast resources available through technology.

See the Technology Use Policy in the Parent-Student Handbook for more information.