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Leaders are developed, here

The choice you make for your children's education is critical in shaping them academically and spiritually, and in establishing their worldview and skills. We believe that children should understand the truth about life and their world, as well as their respective place in it, and this truth starts in God’s word, the Bible. At HCA, we adhere to being intentionally Christian in all that we do, including teaching a Christian curriculum, spiritual emphasis, discipleship themes, as well as offerings in athletics, fine arts, technology, and clubs and organizations.

We teach that God is at the center of everything. We strive to challenge students to allow God to mold their hearts to Him as well as strengthen their character. We take seriously the responsibility of developing skills in our students to help them reach their God-given potential. There are many other reasons to consider a Christian education at HCA.

Whole Child Development

As a parent you might be asking yourself why would you send your child to a Christian school if they are being raised in a Christian home and go to church? As a Kingdom Education school, HCA believes that Christian education functions as a trusted partner or extension in the development of students. We work in partnership with families and churches to develop the whole child: body, spirit, and soul. We feel it is important that our children see God being acknowledged in their school and not "compartmentalized” to something acknowledged only at home or at church.

At HCA, we believe that the home, church, and school work in tandem to ensure greater success.

Critical Thinking

Other important reasons to consider a Christian school is the ability for critical thinking. The important role of reason and critical thinking alongside faith allows a student to be articulate and rational about what they believe in today's culture. At HCA, we focus on developing critical thinking skills along with reading, writing and a knowledge of history, math and science. Parents never need to compromise academic integrity for faith. Previous generations could never have fathomed the issues facing our world today or the ones that are yet to come. Developing critical thinking skills alongside academic excellence will help students become leaders in their communities and beyond as they develop solutions to problems never before faced and do so with a strong foundation of faith.

Student Individuality

All students are individuals. Each have their own strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and goals. For example, some are visual learners whereas others are auditory learners and some student struggle with disabilities where others are gifted. At HCA, we believe all students are children of God, created in His image. For this reason, we work with the individual student helping those who need academic support or differentiated instruction, providing new challenges for the gifted, expanding opportunities for those interested in athletics or fine arts or simply helping a student navigate through social anxieties or learn how to build better relationships with their peers. Students learn competencies in new areas, discover a new calling, and develop character traits that will help them be successful in all that they do in life. Due to the smaller sizes of our classes, teachers have a greater ability to work individually with students for better outcomes.


HCA has invested heavily in security. We understand that no school, public or private, should be ill equipped to handle a threat. Though we share a campus with another ministry, the physical buildings are segregated with surveillance cameras, monitors, communication devices, key card entry doors, and a background check system for all visitors. In addition, HCA has trained security personnel on staff and routinely drills for all types of events whether they be weather related, fire, evacuation or other adverse event. All public events are secured with security as well. Through the ParentAlert system, we notify parents of any issue on campus via text messaging. In this age of social media, just one report of an emergency vehicle on campus might cause alarm; therefore, we are diligent in ensuring parents are well informed.

Another type of security we offer is through technology. Students are allowed Internet access through iPads or MacBooks in our technology lab. We have a very robust filtering mechanism that prevents questionable or objectionable content from being seen by students. In addition, we can monitor student access to determine if students are misusing technology. This is another way to protect the hearts and minds of our students.

Finally, no security is complete without measures in place to prevent bullying. HCA trains staff on identifying and addressing bullying. In addition, we provide an anonymous reporting feature on our parent portal on our website that allows anyone to report witnessed or suspected abuse on or off campus. This includes cyber-bullying as well. Through our house system called ‘The Shields’, students are encouraged to build positive peer pressure to encourage them to identify and call out negative behavior before it becomes an issue. This gives them the ability to individually encourage, support and influence their fellow students.

You Have A Voice

HCA appreciates the involvement of our families. This includes parents, grandparents, and extended family members. Through donations and volunteer opportunities, families can further provide positive and lasting impacts on Kingdom Education. In addition, you always have a voice at HCA. We not only listen to our families but we actively seek their recommendations and suggestions for improving HCA. Through partnership with our families, we have found countless ways to improve HCA, the school experience, as well as the outcomes for our students. With the help of our families, we have done many amazing things without having to raise tuition or sacrifice quality.

Dedicated Administration and Faculty

HCA administration and faculty help cultivate a worldview in which God has His rightful place, and they look to the Bible for guidance in answering life's big questions. These teachers enhance children's spiritual development in an intentional, nurturing manner. Our teachers do not see their role at HCA as just a job, but as a higher calling. They understand the significance of what they are doing and how they are investing in the lives of their students. In addition, the Administrative staff at HCA work tirelessly to excel in delivering a quality, Christian education experience to families and faculty in their support. Many of our administrators wear multiple hats and devote many hours of work to HCA because they believe so strongly in the mission. The quality team we have assembled continues to exceed expectations in supporting students, family, and faculty. Like many schools, we do have changes in faculty and administration. Most of the time this is due to family relocations, career changes, retirements, and so forth; however, when a faculty or staff member is not a good fit, we are honest and forthright in making a necessary change. The integrity of our teaching and coaching staff as well as those who work directly with families is critical to our mission.