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Accomplishing together

HCA Athletics promotes the physical, mental, and spiritual development of our students in every sport. Each HCA student participating in athletic competition belongs on a team. These teams train, compete, and celebrate accomplishments together. Our athletes are expected to not only compete at a high level, but also glorify God through every practice, win, and loss.

HCA is pleased to offer the following opportunities in Athletics:

  • Middle School & Varsity Football
  • Middle School & Varsity Volleyball
  • Middle School & Varsity Cheer
  • Middle School & Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Middle School & Varsity Track and Field
  • Middle School & Varsity Cross Country
  • Middle School & Varsity Baseball

As HCA enrollment grows, our Athletic Department remains open to sponsoring new, additional sports!


HCA is fortunate to offer athletic facilities that allow teams to practice and compete on our own campus. Our on-campus facilities include…

  • Full-size Gym
  • Football Stadium (Callahan Field)
  • Baseball Stadium (Berry Field)

Contact Us

For more information on HCA Athletics, please contact us!

Call: 817-485-1660 x 118

Email: athletics@hcasaints.org