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HCA First Graduating Class 1997
HCA Football Team Wins 2019 State Championship
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The Start

Founded in 1994 by Harvest Church, HCA provided the community with a Christ-centered learning environment. This mission developed a foundation that allowed HCA to build a strong school community. We thank each and every alumni and family for choosing HCA for their education.


The journey

With strong academic, athletic, and fine arts programs, HCA sees individual and group success on a daily basis (such as the 2019 Football State Champs).

While providing a variety of opportunities is important, our students have created a culture centered around Christ. Throughout the years, this culture has provided a lasting impact on our school.


The present

HCA strives to provide the highest quality Christian education to our families. This involves working directly with you to determine your child's educational needs. As a school in 2018, we felt the need to relocate to better serve our families. The relocation for 2021 will provide our families with an outstanding environment to further Kingdom Education.


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