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The Value of Spiritual Emphasis

Many people might not understand the phrase “Spiritual Emphasis” or the incredible value it brings to a Christian school. Or, they might ask, “Why does a Christian school need something called Spiritual Emphasis? Isn’t that the goal of Christian education in the first place?” The answer to this question and the purpose surrounding spiritual emphasis at HCA both begin with our mission and vision statement.

"To provide a Christ-centered, educational environment that equips students to develop character, demonstrate competence, and discover their calling." – HCA’s Mission

“Developing the next generation of Christ-followers to passionately serve Christ and lead others.” -

HCA’s Vision

Spiritual Emphasis at HCA is a multi-day event promoting intentional time to learn, reflect, and connect with Christ to grow personal relationships with Him, to increase student fellowship and accountability, and foster a school culture devoted to following Christ. While each of these aspects is important during each school day, the importance of setting aside dedicated time in these areas can be compared to studying for a test, having a meeting at work, or playing a scrimmage in athletics. Extra focus and energy are put into each of these events to better prepare yourself or team or group for the future. With Spiritual Emphasis, HCA is making sure our school stays “Christ-centered” throughout the school year. Each day, week, month, and semester is filled with exciting, important activities that encourage learning in so many ways, but Spiritual Emphasis creates time and space to pursue deeper connections and critical thinking to strengthen our relationships with Christ.

Why is this valuable? Everyone faces busy schedules, distractions, and other important life events that take time and energy to complete. In a private, Christian school environment, we have the freedom and capability to allow our students specific time to reflect on how God is working in their life. Separating this time for students, faculty, and staff each year has shown us God’s love and power while strengthening a positive, inclusive, Christ-centered culture among our students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. We want HCA students to understand and value what it means to be different than secular society. Spiritual Emphasis teaches us to embrace our beliefs, share God’s truth, and spread His love. This is more valuable than any quiz or test we give. This is our mission.

The most incredible aspect of Spiritual Emphasis is the reaction and response from our student body. Seeing each grade level grow in their own way and develop a new understanding of what it means to live for Christ is inspiring. The uplifting, encouraging attitudes that blossom each year out of Spiritual Emphasis create a stronger foundation for HCA’s future as a Christ-centered, private Christian school serving families in Keller, Fort Worth, NRH, Colleyville, and surrounding areas.

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