HCA Excels in Academics

Congratulations Harvest Christian Academy! HCA exceeds the national average on standardized testing again!

On Thursday, September 1, the Department of Education posted information indicating that 9-year-old students’ national scores dropped an average of 7 percent in Math and Reading. "In 2022, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) conducted a special administration of the NAEP long-term trend (LTT) reading and mathematics assessments for age 9 students to examine student achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic," the Education Department reported.

Both HCA’s standardized Math and Reading scores for 9-year-old students are far superior to the national average. HCA’s Math scores for 9-year-old students beat the national average by 11%-16% in Mathematics Subtests. HCA tops the national average in Math Computation by 16% to 20%. Language Subtests see HCA scoring 17% to 18% above the national average scores reported by the Department of Education. Vocabulary / Word Context scores were the most significant for HCA at 25% above the national average for 9-year-old students.

Congratulations HCA!

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