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How to be Successful as a Student

As a student you might be wondering how to be successful in school. As a parent, you might also wonder how you can help your child succeed. How can I succeed in this subject or this grade level? As a student, there is so much more to success than the final grades you receive. It’s not always how hard you study or the things you memorize. No, a lot of success in school and in life comes from your attitude, preparation, organization, and effort. As you keep reading, we have asked various teachers and administrators their opinion on what it takes to be successful. Contrary to popular belief, your teachers desperately want to see you learn, succeed, and pass their classes.

As a parent, you want your child to not only learn important information, but you also want to see them develop the skills and tools necessary to continue learning as they get older. You have such an important role in helping these goals come to fruition.

How can you help your child succeed in school?

  1. Be their encouragement!

  2. Celebrate the little victories.

  3. Pay attention to their interests in school.

  4. Keep them accountable when things get tough.

  5. Clearly communicate your expectations.

  6. Tell them about your own experiences as a student, good or bad.

  7. Be patient...

It’s important to remember that each child has unique interests, different learning styles, and various skills that provide a wide range of opportunities and challenges in school. If the family, student, and school can work together to support and encourage each child’s academic, mental, and social progress, then success will surely be attainable. At HCA, we focus on this aspect of teamwork to provide the best opportunity for all students.

So, what do the educators have to say about success in school?

How to be successful as a Student

“Take your time to understand your responsibilities, stay organized, and pay attention to detail. If you can do these things while staying positive and being respectful, you will be very prepared to succeed in school and life.” - Headmaster, Mr. Caywood

How to be successful in Academics

“Always try. Never give up. Ask for help when you don’t understand something.” - Academic Support, Ms. Bothe

How to be successful in Athletics

“It’s easy! You just have to try your hardest and be coachable. Be willing to work with your teammates, learn from your coaches, and give your best effort.” - Athletic Director, Coach Myers

How to be successful in Music

“You have to practice! Even more so, practice with an expert because ‘Perfect practice makes perfect.’ You should also be patient with yourself as learning an instrument or how to sing will simply take time, and that’s okay!” - Music Teacher, Mrs. Cox

How to be successful in Theatre

“Being successful in theater takes a lot of hard work in rehearsal, but also much dedication and practice outside of rehearsal time. It’s also a delicate balance of being practiced and specific in your techniques, blocking and choreography, but also, remaining open and vulnerable to what your character is feeling and experiencing within each moment.” - Director of Fine Arts, Mrs. Oxley

How to be successful in Elementary School

“No matter what, do your best for God’s glory. That includes your schoolwork, behavior, and friendships!” - 2nd Grade, Mrs. Beck

“Stay engaged for every moment for every lesson.” - Kindergarten, Mrs. Hayes

“Practice everything! Practice your math facts, reading vocabulary, writing skills, etc.” - 5th Grade, Mrs. Schmitke

How to be successful in Middle School

“You have to be organized! In Middle School, there are more classes and teachers than Elementary. You are going to be responsible for more work and due dates. You can help your organizational skills by using a planner, staying focused on details, and listening closely when instructions are given. You will eventually find the best things that work for you.” - Middle School, Joanne Crowell

How to be successful in High School

“Let us know what you don’t know. We want you to learn! Take careful notes and be organized. Write down the important information and examples. Go back and read your notes after class.” - High School Teachers

“You should actually read the novel! Seriously. Also, edit your writing carefully before submitting a paper. As a teacher, we can quickly see who puts the quality time and effort into their assignments and projects.” - English Teacher, Mrs. Tysinger

“In a science class, it is extremely important to pay attention and precisely follow instructions. This will help you learn, get accurate results from experiments, and stay safe while working with chemicals or sharp objects. Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Some of the greatest discoveries happened by mistake.” - Science Teacher, Mrs. McLain

“Ask questions! All the time! If you are unsure about a formula or specific process, ask for clarification so you don’t waste time or get frustrated. We don’t expect you to learn it on your own.” - Math Teacher, Dr. James

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