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Mission Trips

Expanding Community

High School Mission Trips

HCA students in 9th – 12th Grade participate in local, domestic, and international mission trips. At the end of each school year, HCA dedicates 1 full week to mission trips and service. Three mission trips are required to graduate. This inspires students to develop a servants’ heart, be generous with their time and resources, and demonstrate a Christ-like attitude towards service.

Mission trips also allow our students to experience and interact with other cultures, geography, and social issues.

Past Mission Trip locations…

    • San Francisco, CA
    • Arlington, TX
    • New York City, NY
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Denver, CO
    • Broken Bow. OK
    • Boston, MA
    • Shawnee, OK
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Vero Beach, FL
    • Costa Rica

Examples of service opportunities on mission trips include…

    • Volunteering at soup kitchens
    • Helping with equestrian and service animal care
    • Participating in after school care for kids
    • Aid with nursing home outreach and care
    • Serving at orphanage ministries
    • Assist in school for handicapped children
    • Supporting animal rescue
    • Working in mission gardens
    • Worshiping with local churches
    • Guiding sports and Bible camps for kids

HCA feels strongly about being a Discipleship school. We want our students to serve others, share the Word of God, and experience life change around the world. Our students truly care about making a difference in other people’s lives in our own community and communities around the world.

Additional Information

These trips for secondary students take place during the same week of the school year. It provides a consistent time each year that students recognize as being devoted to service, community building, and education.

For more information about Mission Trips or the other trips, please contact us!

Call: 817-485-1660


6th and 7th Grade Retreat

This trip will serve as a fun team building experience and spiritual retreat, designed especially for 6th and 7th graders, that sets the stage for the mission trips your child will experience in high school at HCA.

The 6th and 7th Grade retreat will include…

  • Campfires
  • Archery
  • Challenge Course
  • Zip Line
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Paddle-boats

The goal of this retreat is to foster community, develop relationships, and provide a unique experience.

8th Grade Educational Trip

The HCA 8th Grade Students will visit many attractions in the Washington D.C. area. This trip allows them to experience a new city, new people, and a new culture. It also provides an amazing opportunity to learn History, Government, and Arts. 8th Grade students at HCA visit a wide variety of

  • Museums
  • Monuments
  • Historical Areas
  • Government Buildings