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Harvest Kindergarten

Celebrating God's greatest creation..... a child. 

  • Small Group Instruction
  • Accelerated Curriculum
  • Hands-on Learning Environments
  • Enrichment Classes

Harvest Kindergarten By The Numbers

Learning to Read and Write
is one of the Harvest Signature Programs

Where does your child stack up nationally?

Harvest Kindergarten has some of the highest scores on nationally normed, standardized tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and have a lot of FUN along the way!  

On the Iowa Assessment, in 2023, HCA kindergartners score in the 97th percentile.  This means HCA scored higher than 97% of the kindergarteners who took the same exam nationwide.  

Harvest Kindergarten

God in all, and above all, is certainly the greatest attribute of HCA's Kindergarten program.

"Train up a child in the way he should go" (Proverbs 22:6) is very evident in each lesson, character development, and interaction each and every day.  Without Him leading us each day our success would be diminished.

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Advanced  Curriculum 

HCA is College Prep all the way down to Kindergarten. Our students are reading by Thanksgiving! The pace and flow of our curriculum beginning with letter sounds, followed by blends, and ending with 127 special sounds allow our students much success in reading that will serve them throughout their educational career. 

Kindergarten Cornerstones for Life


ELA - Reading

Every child can learn to read through phonics. In the English language, most 3 letter words have a short vowel in the middle.  Once children learn the short vowel sounds, they are ready to launch into reading!  *2023 Standardized Testing Results in English Language Arts (ELA) total on the Iowa Assessment:  Percentile: 97%ile, Stanine: 9, Grade Equivalency: 1.6 (1st grade 6th month) Vocabulary 1.8. 



Math is hands-on and is a solid foundation for traditional and advanced math courses in upper grades.  Liquid measure / dry measure. 


Spiritual Development - Bible


Bible Stories spring to life during Bible time!  There is so much to be learned from our Adventure Bible Time!


ELA - Writing

Important writing mechanics - such as independent writing, finger spaces, and punctuation, are demonstrated in the student's journals.  Their journals are sweet treasures for sure! Our handwriting curriculum is FUNdamental!

Printing is taught in kindergarten and cursive is taught in the 2nd grade. 

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Social Studies

Students learn about 14 different countries while enjoying an English Tea Party, an Italian Bistro, and a Mexican Pinata Party! 


Kindergarten Leads Worship in Elementary Chapel

Elementary Chapel is a celebration every week! Every grade level rotates leading worship!

STEAM in HCA Kindergarten



God created everything. Let's look at it!

Discovering God's World in Science.

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Engineering is everywhere in our Kindergarten class! These building cups are building a "Word Wall".  

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Kindergarten Music Makers make a joyful noise each week in Music Class with Mrs. Cox!



Students interact with each other and their teacher during technology time in our classroom. 

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Colors, shapes and, so much more in Art Class each week with Mrs. Oxley!


Musical Theater

Elementary Christmas Program

Kindergarten is highlighted in the Elementary Christmas Musical each year!  Jesus is the BEST Christmas Present EVER!  (2022)

Ft. Worth Zoo 
English Tea Party


HCA Kindergarten is the best!  Friendships develop between students and their families which make the kindergarten experience much sweeter! 

Come and experience the bonds for yourself.

You will be blessed!

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