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Accredited, Christian Education

Harvest Christian Academy has maintained status as an accredited, private school for 24 consecutive years since our first accreditation in 1997. HCA receives accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Many local private, Christian schools in Fort Worth and Dallas are accredited through ACSI. We believe it is incredibly important to be accredited by an organization that also shares our core values and beliefs.

About ACSI

Founded in 1978, the organization closely follows their mission statement: "To strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators worldwide as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ." For 40 plus years, they have been motivated by their vision to "become a leading international organization that promotes Christian education and provides training and resources to Christian schools and Christian educators."

ACSI released a strategic plan to help increase the awareness, stability, and support of Christian education around the globe. Check out their 3-phase approach to achieve this goal:

  1. ADVANCING --- Leading Christ-centered education toward excellence and flourishing

  2. ACCESS – Making Christ-centered education available and obtainable

  3. ADVOCACY – Promoting and protecting Christ-centered education for today and tomorrow

HCA's Commitment

The future of our students' success relies on our ability to utilize effective educational tools, create engaging lesson plans, and communicate ideas so each individual student can learn and grow. The accreditation renewal process evaluates each of these areas and helps our faculty and staff develop new ideas. As HCA continues to enhance our educational environment, we promise to provide quality academics in each grade level while presenting information and topics through a Biblical Worldview. From Kindergarten and Elementary to Middle School and High School, HCA prepares your student to advance in each new stage of life while developing confidence in their abilities.

Do you have questions about our accreditation? Feel free to contact us with any questions.

To learn more about ACSI, visit their website: ACSI


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